By R. True - Valley View Reporter

It seems Mother Nature has finally decided to bless us with her smile and Spring is up and rubbing her sleepy eyes before her sister Summer arrives. The grass has turned green and I can already imagine the drone of lawn-mower engines drowning out the distant sounds of passing trains on the CN main through Capac. My own battle with the internal combustion demons has begun, as I have way too many of the darn things to get running each spring. Would that I had a like number of DCC sound decoder equipped diesel units on the layout so I could enjoy making noise!

Some sharp-eyed viewers might notice some of the changes I have made to the web site as I completed migrating to the modern HTML5 standard, replacing a mish-mash of page structures. Some pages are more noticeable than others (Show-Sale and Members Only pages for instance), and while the Home page does now collapse cleanly, I am still working on a new menu / navigation setup prior to making further improvements which should add in flexibility. Hopefully in the future I can make the site more device independent.

I have to apologize for all dates being wrong for the month of May on the previous Crew Call Out listings, must have looked at the wrong year on the calendar when updating. Don't forget the scheduled business meeting on May 7th and the Boy Scout merit badge class on Saturday, May 5th.

Happy Railroading!

Crew Call-Out Board

May - 2018
May-05 Boy Scout Merit Badge Class at club
May-07 Quarterly Business Meeting
May-14 Monday work night
May-21 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
May-28 Memorial Day Holiday
May-29 Special Tuesday work night
June - 2018
Jun-04 Monday work night
Jun-11 Monday work night
Jun-18 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Jun-25 Monday work night
July - 2018
Jul-02 Monday work night
Jul-04 Independence Day Holiday
Jul-09 Monday work night
Jul-16 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Jul-23 Monday work night
Jul-30 Fun-Run Operations Night
August - 2018
Aug-06 Monday work night
Aug-13 Monday work night
Aug-20 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Aug-27 Monday work night
September - 2018
Sep-03 Labor Day Holiday
Sep-04 Tuesday work night
Sep-10 Monday work night
Sep-17 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Sep-24 Monday work night
October - 2018
Oct-01 Monday work night
Oct-08 Monday work night
Oct-15 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Oct-22 Monday work night
Oct-29 Fun-Run Operations Night
Oct-31 Happy Halloween - look out for the trick or treaters
November - 2018
Nov-03 Saturday 10Am-4Pm GVRR Train Show, Mt. Clemens High School
Nov-04 Sunday 10Am-4Pm GVRR Train Show, Mt. Clemens High School
Nov-05 Monday Train Show recovery night
Nov-12 Monday work night
Nov-19 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Nov-22 Thanksgiving Holiday - Turkey Day!
Nov-27 Monday work night
December - 2018
Dec-03 Monday work night
Dec-10 Monday work night
Dec-17 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Dec-24 Christmas Eve - Snuggle in bed with visions of Trains in the head!
Dec-25 Merry Christmas to all - The Reason for the Season
Dec-26 Special Wednesday work night - Run what Santa Brung Ya
Dec-31 New Years Eve! - Enjoy but Stay Safe!
January - 2019
Jan-01 New Years Day - Have a Safe and Joyous Year!
Jan-07 Monday work night
Jan-14 Monday work night
Jan-21 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Jan-28 Monday work night
Febuary - 2019
Feb-04 Monday work night
Feb-11 Monday work night
Feb-18 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Feb-25 Monday work night
March - 2019
Mar-04 Monday work night
Mar-11 Monday work night
Mar-18 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Mar-25 Monday work night
April - 2019
Apr-01 Monday work night
Apr-08 Monday work night
Apr-15 Regular Scheduled Operations Night
Apr-22 Monday work night
Apr-29 Fun-Run Operations Night

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