Photographs by ERIC GOTTLIEB - Captions by RICH WAHL

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Branch-Line Trestle
What a nice place to stop for an afternoon picnic!

Grant's Orchard
The only worms in our apples are rail-fans!

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Richmond Yard's East Tower
Whew! Should be able to hide from that cop here

Old Haven Branch-Line Outdoor Restaurant
Fresh engine soot on the burger tastes just like barbecue!

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Old Haven and Branch-Line
When it rains hard the trout bite pretty good in the rail bed

Old Haven VFW Hall
Any more lard in the stagecoach and we'll need another horse!

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Lennox Crossing Bridge
Sure hope those bottom drop coal cars are secured tight!

East Richmond Yard Caboose Track
What's a nice caboose like you doing in a place like this?

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East Richmond Yard
We painted the coal cars sky blue to camouflage them.

Richmond Yard S&J Boring
Sure is boring! Hasn't been a train past here in days.

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Gratiot Valley Alco RS-1 Fireman
Mom always likes a good camera shot when I pass by.

Warren Swift Meat Packers
So that's where the pig went that we hit on the line, eh Mike G?

EG photo 9-13 EG photo 9-14

Rugged Terrain On The Narrow Gauge
How did the rest of our train end up down there?

Summit Station And Junction
I told Fred! Just buy us a small place on a cul-de-sac!

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